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What is the word above "thank you"? Because there, one thank you is not enough... They are so incredible... Fabulous, magnificent, alive! We have the impression that you managed to capture every second of this long day, every guest, every expression... We can relive every moment of our wedding with so much magic... There is no word to describe that. It is just Wahouu Thank you for your work, thank you for your creativity, thank you for your eye-radar, thank you for your joy of life, thank you for your discretion, thank you for these memories! Thank you again and again and again..
Lucile & Eric

Hello Marion, I have been thinking about them almost everyday since the wedding. They are just wonderful! I could not have imagined them being more beautiful and capturing every detail of our special day. Thank you again for taking notes of all the details of the wedding that I spend sooooo much time preparing, as well as capturing the happiness that we and are friends shared on that day. The day was perfect and we will never forget it ! Again, I'm so happy that we made the connection and that we had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for everything !
Simona & Pierre

Marion was a wonderful photographer! She was quiet and unobtrusive but the photos speak for themselves! Marion was great at learning about us as a couple and what was important to us and she captured these things. Her stamina was absolutely incredible and she kept going from the middle of the morning for over 12 hours with very few breaks! The photos at the end are absolutely stunning and we feel lucky to have had such a brilliant photographer. We wouldn't have changed her for the world!
Sarah & Simon

We were lucky to have Marion to immortalize our wedding day! She knows how to make discreet, and she is full of good advices. A really good professional!
Violaine & Franck

More than delighted with the work of Marion on the occasion of our wedding. She knew how to listen to our expectations to realize photos which we dreamed!
Ludivine & Thibault

Amazing, sweet and talented wedding photographer. Wonderful wedding photographer, talented, dynamic, adorable, full of good ideas and good advice, of soft photos and colored.. She captures the feelings and sublimates the most beautiful moments!
Marine & Mathieu