Lifestyle Photographer in Bordeaux

Engagement / Family / Maternity

I’m a wedding photographer but not only, I’m also a Lifestyle Photographer in Bordeaux. Generally speaking, I like capture beautiful life instants, it can be an engagement session, a pregnancy, portraits, family or any other important moment for you. Faithful to my lifestyle photographer philosophy, I’m considering these moments with you like pleasant moments, full of sharing, laughs and tenderness without any pressure. For me, the best way to have natural and authentic pictures is to make this moment the most enjoyable as possible. For this, I will do my utmost for making you comfortable, while reconciling aestheticism and sensitivity.

It’s always a pleasure for me to make portraits, family session, or pregnancy, I love to capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. Such memories are so important in your life !  It’s always a great responsibility and excitement for me to be your partner in those beautiful moments. If you need more informations, contact me.